Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG a GOOD Arizona Band - Lydia!!! OMG!! STFU!!!

Living in Phoenix sometimes sucks balls...I think it has to do something with the heat and large distance between stuff, but bands here usually suck...I was in a band her for 3 years and we totally sucked and we were one of the best ones around. Any who I decided tonight that I would go on a search for a good band in the Valley of the Crappy Music to find a diamond in the poop (shit). I thought I found one but it was just some asshole that created a new page for a good band from Portland and tagged them as being from Phoenix...tricky fucking internet.

BUT my friends I think I may have found one...after like 2 hours of searching the internet and listening to several bands that sound like crappy rip off of bands trying to rip off Incubus tribute bands (but not that good) I came across Lydia, they are FROM Gilbert and are signed to a real label (Universal Motown Records...fancy pants they are) and are currently on a tour (Check them out at the Clubhouse on March 21, Celeste Polonski please send us press passes please). And the part that makes them different from the Medic Droid (aside from not being broken up...ohhhh sick burn) is that they are actually pretty good and I don't want to punch them all in the face over and over and over again. I am hearing a tinge of The Format and sprinkle of lavender. I don't know dude...I am just happy to be listening to a Phoenix band that doesn't make me cry blood out of my sound pussies. Check out this video they put on their myspace page of them on tour or something, they sometimes play almost 10 seconds of a song all at once ;-)