Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jane's Addiction New Boxed Set looks Boners! | New Releases

Did you guys know that Janes Addiction got their name from a girl named Jane that was addicted to the smack, the black tar, the Vince Vega juice? "Shocking" huh, they sure do have some balls being so "shocking" back in the 80's when "shocking" things got banned right the fuck off of MTV. In fact they were sooooo "shocking" that their video for the Mountain Song (one of the best songs of all time by they way) was banned from the previosly mentioned MTV. I know what you are thinking "why would a video be banned from MTV when they don't have videos?" well I am here to tell you that back in the 80's and early 90's the M in MTV stood for "MUSIC" (not THATS shocking) and not "MEDICORE" crazy huh? ENOUGH of this history lesson...sorta...I am here to tell you that Janes Addiction has been kind enough to complile a bunch of rare, unseen, unheard and unwashed shit and put it in a small cabinet and make it available for purchase. This goes along with their co headlining tour this Summer with Nine Inch Nails and Dave Navarro's new line of signature nipple rings. Please view the contents of the set below and then look even belower for the banned Mountain Song video from 1988ish.

A Cabinet of Curiosities:

Disc 1:

01 Jane Says (Radio Tokyo Demo) *
02 Pigs in Zen (Radio Tokyo Demo)
03 Mountain Song (Radio Tokyo Demo)
04 Had a Dad (Radio Tokyo Demo)
05 I Would for You (Radio Tokyo Demo)
06 Idiots Rule (Demo) *
07 Classic Girl (Demo) *
08 Up the Beach (Demo) *
09 Suffer Some (Demo) *
10 Thank You Boys (Demo) *
11 Summertime Rolls (Demo) *
12 City (Demo) *
13 Ocean Size (Demo) *
14 Stop! (Demo) *
15 Standing in the Shower ... Thinking (Demo) *
16 Ain't No Right (Demo) *
17 Three Days (Demo) *

Disc 2

01 Ted, Just Admit It... (Demo) *
02 Maceo (Demo) *
03 No One's Leaving (Demo) *
04 My Time (Rehearsal) *
05 Been Caught Stealing (12" Remix Version)
06 Ripple
07 Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey [feat. Ice-T & Ernie-C]
08 L.A. Medley: L.A. Woman/Nausea/Lexicon Devil (Live)
09 Kettle Whistle (Live) *
10 Whole Lotta Love (Live) *
11 1970 (Live) *
12 Bobhaus (Live) *

Disc 3:

01 Drum Intro (Live) *
02 Up the Beach (Live)
03 Whores (Live) *
04 1% (Live) *
05 No One's Leaving (Live)
06 Ain't No Right (Live)
07 Then She Did... (Live) *
08 Had a Dad (Live) *
09 Been Caught Stealing (Live) *
10 Three Days (Live)
11 Mountain Song (Live) *
12 Stop! (Live)
13 Summertime Rolls (Live) *
14 Ocean Size (Live) *


Soul Kiss:

01 Mountain Song (Unedited Version)
02 City

Music videos:

03 Had a Dad
04 Ocean Size
05 Stop!
06 Been Caught Stealing
07 Classic Girl
08 Ain't No Right

Live at the City Square in Milan (for MTV Italy, October 1990)

09 Whores *
10 Then She Did... *
11 Three Days *

* previously unreleased

<a href="">Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song (Video)</a>