Friday, February 6, 2009

Miniature Tigers are NOT Tiny Tigers

I am getting pretty fucking sick of animal bands, and by animal bands I am of coarse talking about bands with actual non human members...BUT bands with animal names on the other hand I just cant seam to get enough. In fact I just started in my mind 3 bands with "panther" in the title. Anywho there is a band that comes from glorious Phoenix that tickle my fancy pants called Miniature Tigers. I don't know if Tim & Eric stole this name from them or vice versa and I don't fucking care! (I really don't...ask your mom...I will wait...take your time)

Their new album is coming out in manual form on Feb 17th but is already out on iTunes now. I just bought it...with money (where are my freebies music industry?) If you were smart enough to go to the "ARIZONA CD RELEASE!" tonight (I wasn't) you would have been able to enjoy standing in a line, "GET YOUR COPY EARLY" and "ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE AND CD SIGNING!!" You other losers will just have to wait till next week, or buy it on iTunes dummy (why didn't you think of that?) Check out a video for your "vision dicks" and "sound pussies" and your technology!