Friday, March 20, 2009

Charlotte & Magon "Love Happening" | 7.9 Beards (Reviews)

You guys ever heard of Charlotte & Magon? Yea, me either but they are from France and Israel so don't feel bad. I myself just heard of them today and I am a better man for it.

Here is their abbreviated back story..."after meeting and communicating over the internet for 2 years, Magon invited Charlotte to meet him in the real world and to create an "authentic and marvelous" pop album together in 12 days" So they did...and now we have Love Happening to show for their efforts. I am finding it difficult to categorize this album into anything I have ever heard before. For one thing its totally freaking me out with them whispering back and forth and for two I am getting a funny feeling in my fun area...and I like it.

This is definitely something you will be into if you are a fan of Imogen Heap or Feist. Check out my two favorite tracks from the album below, and if you like it then please oh please buy it from iTunes or Amazon and listen to it on a semi regular basis.

All My Sorries