Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dan Auerbach "Keep it Hid" | 8.2 Beards (Reviews)

My seriously favorite thing about running this website is getting to listen to all this awesome music all the time (except for you Marty Wilson-Piper!) and all the free drugs the labels send me (hint hint labels). Just kidding they don't send me free drugs, I buy them on the streets from a drug dealer just like everyone else. My guy's name is "One Armed Valencia" and I have no idea why since he currently has both arms. I assume it has something to do with his awesome baby hook shot, but I am just speculating. What was I saying? Oh yea, awesome music:

I have to admit that I am a late comer to the Black Keys party. I had never heard of them till the trailer I saw for Black Snake Moan (the good one in the Samuel L Jackson "snake movie" series) a couple of years ago but ever since I have been a pretty staunch supporter so when I heard that Dan Auerbach the "singing guitar playing half" of the Keys was coming out with a solo album you could color me excited.

The album as a whole is hard to define. Some of the songs are blues romps that sound like some of the best Black Keys songs and other like Whispered Words and When the Night Comes are haunting, dreamy and make me want to just chill out on the porch with 12 pack of PBR and a pack of American Spirits for a few hours. My favorite song on the whole thing is one of the dirty blues rockers though and it goes by the name of I Want Some More and you will...when its done...(I suck) I am giving

Keep it Hid due out NOW on Nonesuch Records

Check out this video for Trouble Weighs a Ton, the opening track from Keep it Hid