Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band | Digital Release

So I went to the SxSTATESIDE show Monday night at the Rhythm Room in beautiful Phoenix AZ. I was there in a dual capacity with electricmustache being my second priority, so I didn't get a chance to take any pics (but I found some) and I also didn't get to see all the bands that were playing, but I DID get to see Dusty Rhodes and the River Band and they blew my ass to space town! You are going to fucking love these guys more than your own parents. If you could smash My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists and the Arcade Fire together into one band but wish that Joe Cocker's more awesome son was the singer, then you might just get Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, but probably not as good.

The fortunate thing for you lucky people is they have a new album Palace and Stage coming out May 19th...but the REALLY fortunate for you part is that starting today if you pre-order you will get the FULL ALBUM "digital style" right away, that means you can listen to it for a month then when the physical copy of it gets to your house you can put it on the shelf with all the other CD's you never touch because they are stupid and you have an iPod and continue to listen to the digital version you got today. I assure you that if its even 92% as good as their last Album First You Live it will make an 8 year old boy's balls pre maturely drop.

Check out this video for The Ballad of Graff from the show to see the awesomeness:


Rebecca said...

zomg! right?!? I have not been able to shut up about these guys. that was such an amazing set. i hope these guys get super duper famous and make 10 million dollars all the time forever and ever and ever and ever no matter what!

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