Monday, March 9, 2009

Electric News: James Hetfield, Amy Winehouse, Beastie Boys

  • Metallica had to cancel a show in Stockholm after James Hetfield was hospitalized with a stomach bug. No worries though, he was released and is back on his way to the states with the rest of the band. [variety]
  • Amy Winehouse was forced to pull out of Cochella after not being able to get a work visa due to being charged with assault last week. The moral of the story? Don't do crack. [the independent]
  • Jane's Addiction, Depeche Mode, and Beastie Boys are set to headline Lollapalooza this year. Hey, whose got two thumbs and won't be there this year? This guy, dammit. [chicago tribune]
  • Pitchfork has a new look and I like it. [p4k]