Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On The Calendar: Tuesday

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! Today is the day where everybody is just a little bit Irish. Unless you're really Irish, in which case you more than just a little bit Irish but a lot annoyed at the fact that everyone says they're Irish but only today.

Because it's St. Patrick's day there are a couple of ways in which you can celebrate. You could do what we're going to do which is sit in our house and listen to House of Pain's "Jump Around" on repeat all night and drink Irish beer. You could also find yourself an Irish Pub and get really drunk. Or you can go out and listen to some great music in Phoenix. I think we all know which one you're going to choose.

Well, just in case you're not going to bust out you're House of Pain CD's here is a list of concerts happening tonight in Phoenix. Enjoy and no matter what you do be sure and drink responsibly you fucking drunks.

Day 2 of Rampage Fest feat. Health, Mika Miko, Clipd Beaks, Pictureplane, Wildlife, Christmas Island
The Trunk Space
Tickets $8-$12, 6:00 PM Showtime
Event details here.

Fatigo, Sonorous
Lost Leaf Gallery
FREE SHOW!, 9:00 PM Showtime