Monday, March 23, 2009

Phoenix (from France) Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix | New Album and MP3

Sorry for such a long ass title but since we ARE in Phoenix and they are CALLED Phoenix I felt it pertinent to our lives and souls that I clarify. Now that the nasty business of post title explanation is complete let me drop some knowledge into the vacuous orb your mom calls your "love sponge"...Phoenix has a new album coming out May 25th and they called it Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix as an homage to their 2 favorite thing...Mozart and awesome blogs based out of Phoenix...duh. I implore you to listen to the just releases track 1901 below... and it's probably safe to download it but you might as well just go to their site and get it yourselves to save us some goddamn bandwidth...thanks for reading, I love you.


Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix due out 5/25 or 26th (who knows?) on Glassnote

p.s. whilst performing all of my investigative reporting duties I found out that this MP3 has been out for like a month...but since I already wrote this whole fucking thing I decided to just post it anyways...ok?...sue me!