Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dan Deacon @ The Clubhouse 4/20/2009

Last night was crazy! My ears are still ringing and my mind is just becoming un-melted. I can now officially say that Dan Deacon and Ensemble put on the most sensory effing show I have ever been to. We walked out of there hot and bothered in a good way. Let me give you a little re-cap of the "activities" that we did. We closed our eyes and spun around in circles bumping into each other like excited atoms, there was much "fancy dancing" and I got to run the gauntlet an experience my shoulders are still sore from (I will be posting up some videos of the fancy dancing and beginning of the gauntlet later today)

The sound was awesome, the Ensemble are a great addition to the live show and I can't imagine Dan even NOT having them or some variation in the future. Once you have 3 drummers playing 3 separate parts all at the same time and doing it perfectly in sync with the "electronic" music is the balls and something everyone should see.

I was surprised at the low turnout but the people that did show up had tons of energy so even though there was a ton of empty space behind us once you were smashed up front with everybody you felt like you were at the front of a 100 thousand strong crowd. Check out some pictures (more pics HERE) of Dan and the opening bands Teeth Mountain and Future Islands who were also both pretty dang good, I didn't get a whole lot of Dan since he was down on the floor and I am short, but I did my best ;-) Oh and Dan was cool enough to do an interview with us before the show...we are going to have that up tomorrow. Check out all the pics after the break.

Teeth Mountain

Future Islands

Dan Deacon

Check out this video of Dan Deacon playing the song "Snookered" and then a vicious round of "Fancy Dancin"


The DJ Doesn't Dance said...

Sassy as fuck!

The DJ Doesn't Dance said...

Sassy as FUCK

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