Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Or, The Whale Playing in Tucson

As you may or may not know we usually have a harsh words for bands that totally skip Phoenix but they are at least going to play in Tucson (Phoenix's little sister) so we are going to let is slide this time BUT ONLY THIS TIME Or, The Whale!!! Next time you better come to Phoenix, and I expect a pair of tickets to the show and a coupon for a deep tissue massage at the parlor of my choice. I guess you can listen to the this song and check out the rest of the dates below...I guess.

Or, The Whale: "Rope Don't Break"

May 20th--Silverlake Lounge--Los Angeles, CA
May 21st--The Viper Room--Los Angeles, CA
May 22nd--Beauty Bar--San Diego, CA
May 23rd--The Hangar(t)--Tucson, AZ
May 25th--Hi-Dive--Denver, CO
May 26th--Kilby Court--Salt Lake City, UT
May 27th--Visual Arts Collective--Boise, ID
May 28th--Red Room--Kennewick, WA
May 29th--Tractor Tavern--Seattle, WA
May 30th--Doug Fir--Portland, OR
June 5th--Sophia's--Davis, CA


Or, the Whale said...

Aww. We're sorry. Any suggestions on where to play next time around? (we promise a list spot plus one..about that massage..our drummer has great hands..?) XO Or, the Whale

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