Friday, May 15, 2009

Album Review: The Silent Years - Let Go EP

I don't normally do album reviews. Sure, I'll throw in my two cents on whether I like something or not but I always include an mp3 or music video for you to decide whether or not you like it.

Well, this past Monday when I was writing the preview for Monday's concerts I wrote that after hearing a few tracks on The Silent Years' Myspace page I purchased their 2008 album The Globe. Apparently, someone at their record label saw that and sent me an e-mail that included their new EP Let Go and asked if I would like to do a review. I figured that if this guy was gracious enough to send me some free music the least I could do would be to review it.

I really enjoyed listening to the new EP from The Silent Years. From the opening track "Taking Drugs At The Amusement Park" you realize two things about the band. First off, lead vocalist Josh Epstein has an amazing voice and secondly you realize this band knows how to name their songs(my favorite song title has to be "TV>BJ"). But funny song titles aside it really is the music that makes this an enjoyable listen.

My favorite track on the album "Madame Shocking" shows off Epstein's great voice and has wonderful instrumentation. Take a listen below.

The Silent Years - "Madame Shocking"

You can buy the new EP digitally through Amazon or iTunes and you can buy the phsyical version of the album on July 14th from SideCho Records.


chemicalsaregood said...

saw them in LA when they were in town. great live set. they don't disappoint.

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