Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beastie Boys Name New Album...rip me off?

Soooo...My friend Matt (who is in prison) and I have had this running joke for the last 10 years, it goes something like this "Hey, do you guys wanna have a hot sauce party? Just kiddin...to spicy for me!" It't one of those inside jokes that is only funny when you get "the voice" that goes with it. All this is pretty unimportant except for the fact that the Beastie Boys TOTALLY ripped us off for the name of their new album called Hot Sauce Committee I realize that it's not the exact same thing but I am sure they didn't want to get sued by a guy running a very powerful blog and a guy in prison (would you?). I have my eye on you Beastie Boys!!! Watch your asses!