Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breakfast at Sulimays 21

This is seriously the best the internet will have to offer for many years to come. It has the type of honesty you don't get from people that give a shit and that is best thing about old people...they don't give any shits and that is great. If you have not seen any other Breakfast at Sulimays there is a dark dark place in hell reserved for you (if you believe in those types of shenanigans) so you best hedge your bets and check out those old beauties by clicking HERE, oh and notice how their review of Bromst is so much better than OURS...see that was really boring huh?

Mucho Gracias Stereogum (Why won't you return our calls? We miss you?) TTFN!


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Anonymous said...

Are you saying the people in the video are old? Because they are or are you saying the video is old...and if you are considered "old" when you are 1 day old then I bet you are REALLY old...if fact I can smell your old balls from here.

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