Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cinematic Titanic

Although not exactly music related, if you're looking for something very cool to do this Friday I'd recommend you head down to Hoodlums to meet the gang from Cinematic Titanic. Cinematic Titanic is basically the same concept as Mystery Science Theatre 3000, which makes a lot of sense considering Cinematic Titanic was created by MST3K creator Joel Hodgeson and features the original cast of MST3K.

I use to watch MST3K religiously back when it was on television and was super bummed when I found out that the show was being canceled. Fortunately the concept has lived on through a couple of different incarnations. Former MST3K cast member Mike Nelson has a similar project called RiffTrax. RiffTrax strays a little bit away from the original concept of MST3K by riffing on more well known movies like Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars where as Cinematic Titanic sticks with the lesser known b-movies.

The gang from Cinematic Titanic will have a live show this Friday at Mesa Arts Center. Check out the very funny clip from Cinematic Titanic riffing on the awesomely bad looking Legacy Of Blood up above.