Friday, May 1, 2009

mp3: Woodhands Cover Katy Perry

Toronto electro-duo Woodhands have taken it upon themselves to cover "I Kissed a Girl" of Katy Perry fame and while on one hand it's obviously infinitely better as far as "listenable" goes it doesn't have the lesbian charm of the original. Check it out and leave some comments about whether or not "you liked it".

Woodhands: "I Kissed a Girl"


Anonymous said...

I didn't.

Unknown said...

Touche' Anonymous Touche'

Mike said...

I'm with you, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

i like it

Anonymous said...

I liked it. It does lose the lesbian vibe, but what if you go from the point of view that it's a gay man singing? I like this interpretation better than the original. Being obsessed with chicks making out is so 2002.

Emily said...

For those of us ashamed to find the original catchy, Woodhands brings us this indie electro version. I like it.

I give big ups to Woodhands for the valiant effort... although its not my favorite work of theirs, their album freaking rawx.

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