Tuesday, May 12, 2009

preview: Liechtenstein "Survival Strategies In A Modern World"

OK..I admit it, I pretty much only preview/review stuff I like. Why would I waste my time writing a scathing review of someones hard work when I feel it's much meaner to just ignore them, they might just take the hint and go back to work at Starbucks or the Dockers Outlet store. I only bring this up because I love Liechtenstein's new album and I didn't want you to think I am just saying that because I am a whore or something (I am a whore but I don't let it effect my journalistic integrity). We already broke the news about Liechtenstein signing to Slumberland and that they have a new album coming out etc...etc...so no need to get into that again leaving us that much more time to get to know each other...you, me and your dad (you should really talk to him about the drinking, its getting out of hand) and talk about Survival Strategies In A Modern World and why it's going to be way high up on my best of the year list and if there is any justice in the world several other peoples as well.

The beauty of this album is it's simplicity, simple bass line, strumming guitar, chilled out drums leaving tons room for the boner inducing three part harmonies that would sound just as good acapella (maybe even better) from your dorm and or rumpus room. It instantly makes me feel like I am Jude Law cruising around Berlin on a Vespa decked out in a suit with a skinny tie. The only problem I have with Survival Strategies In A Modern World is the just over 22 min. length.

You will hereby mark calendars for the digital release on May 26th or if you prefer to wait till June 9th you can get it on CD...but that would just be a lesson in self control and who needs that in a digital world? Dummies, that's who...dummies, are you a dummy? I didn't think so, get it on May 26th ;-)