Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekend Concert Calendar: Hoodstock, Wye Oak, Laura Stevenson

Happy Friday, everybody! This weekend is a fantastic opportunity for you to get out there and experience some of Phoenix's best musical acts. As always be sure to check out for a full list of concerts and events happening this weekend in Phoenix. Here are our recommended concerts for this weekend.


What: Hoodstock Day 1
Where: Hoodlums Music and Movies
When: First band goes on stage at 4:30
How Much: Donations (it's for a good cause)
Why: Hoodlums is presenting a 3 day music festival to benefit Ear Candy, which is a great local charity that promotes music education for kids. Hoodlums has rounded up some of Phoenix's best local bands to play this years events. Some highlights from Friday include Kinch and Andrew Jackson Jihad. Be sure to check out Hoodlums website for all the details and full line up for the bands.

Who: Wye Oak and Pomegranates
Where: Stinkweeds
When: 7:00 PM
How Much: $5 Donations
Why: When we posted Wye Oak's song "Take It In" a few weeks ago on the blog we were very excited about their forthcoming album. That album doesn't come out until July but tonight should be a good opportunity to hear some music from their latest release. Pomegranates and local favorite Turn Back O Man are also scheduled to perform.

What: Showcase
Where: Phoenix Art Museum
When: 7:00 PM
How Much: FREE SHOW!!!
Why: If you live in Phoenix and aren't checking out The Train Tracks then you are really missing out on some great performances from some of the best local music talent in the city. Kinch, Minature Tigers, Courtney Marie Andrews and Fatigo are just some of the bands to have performed so far. Unlike similar websites, you get to vote on each artists performance. Tonight the top three rated artists will be heading down to the Phoenix Art Museum where the audience will pick a winner. That winner will have a chance to perform at next years Tempe Music Festival.


What: Hoodstock Day 2
Where: Hoodlums Music and Movies
When: First band goes on stage at 3:30
How Much: Donations(it's for a good cause)
Why: Day 2 of Hoodstock features some more of my favorite local acts including Black Carl and What Laura Says Thinks and Feels. Be sure to check out Hoodlums website for a list of times and bands playing.

Who: Laura Stevenson, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Somersault
Where: The Trunkspace
When: 9:00 PM
How Much: $6
Why: Brooklyn songstress Laura Stevenson is amazing. I highly recommend you click on this link and download her album Laura Stevenson: A Record. You can download the album for free or you can donate a few dollars. I gladly threw down a few bucks. Another favorite of mine, Andrew Jackson Jihad also performs.
Listen: mp3: Laura Stevenson-"Nervous Rex"


What: Hoodstock Day 3
Where: Hoodlums Music and Movies
When: First band goes on stage at 12:30
How Much: Donations (it's for a good cause)
Why: The final day of Hoodstock ends with Dry River Yacht Club and Snake Burner among others. Check out Hoodlums website for a list of bands playing and times they go on stage.

What: Radio Phoenix Benefit Concert
Where: Modified Arts
When: 7:00 PM
How Much: $8
Why: Radio Phoenix are presenting a benefit concert for the NTAF Multi-visceral Transplant Fund for Ashley Foster. Dry River Yacht Club are working overtime on Sunday. They'll be performing along with Greycoats, Tremulants, Lisa Savidge and Kyle Sonnenberg. Should be a great show with good music supporting a great cause.