Friday, May 8, 2009

Yahowa 13 "Magnificence of the Memory"

This is the back cover because it's cooler than the front

OK guys it's almost the weekend and if you were planning on dropping a whole crap load of acid over the next few days then boy do I have the album for you. I guess not really since it's not out in stores or anything yet but I guess that's even better because it will give you some time to find the copious amounts of acid you are going to need to make it through this album.

If you don't know who Yahowa 13 are then let me give you a little history lesson, they are a ultra psychedelic rock band fronted by this dude Father Yod who was the leader of a cult going by the name of The Source Family. Compared to other cults I would say that The Source Family was pretty tame, the just ran a vegetarian restaurant in the Hollywood Hills and make crazy music.

From my extensive internet research I have learned that they recorded something like 65 albums worth of material but only put out 9 LP's and Magnificence of the Memory is a collection of lost tracks...or something. Most of the album is weird drug induced jamming but there are a couple really cool songs on there, "Treat You So Right" and "It's A Knack" appear to be actual songs with words but by far the coolest song is "Nam Yo Ho Renge Kyo" a song that makes you feel like you are in the second half of Full Metal Jacket. Overall I would look at this a period piece to play for your friends at 2 am after smoking a ton of stuff and having a real urge to melt their brains. This particular album comes out on June 23rd but you can always check out a couple of their other albums on yea old Amazon in the meantime.

Here are a couple tracks from the Magnificence of the Memory enjoy:

Yahowa 13 - "Nam Yo Ho Renge Kyo"

Yahowa 13 - "Treat You So Right"