Friday, June 5, 2009

Sydney Sprague at Cadillac Ranch 6/4/2009

I took myself to the Cadillac Ranch last night and had some horrible mozzarella cheese sticks. Oh I also saw Sydney Sprague. I was expecting her to sit in a chair and play some acoustic songs on an acoustic guitar but what do you know?!?!? She was standing and had an electric guitar and sang electric songs...who knew? Not me that's for sure. The performance was as good if not better than what I heard/saw on the youtubes yesterday. The "more intimate" performance I was expecting would have sucked anyway since Cadillac Ranch is a breeding ground for douchbags that want to ride a mechanical bull and drink coors light, so the full band she had with her really helped drown out the sound of retards yelling at their whore girlfriends to ride said bull.

There are some more pics after the break and there is even a video at the end, good for you.