Thursday, June 11, 2009

Video: Ear Pwr "Future Eyes"

Get your acid out and get ready to trip to this video...on second thought you probably don't to take any acid because this video is going to make you trip with out it.

If your computer is not capable of playing back internet videos I am sorry but I have some good news for you. Ear Pwr are a touring band and you can catch them live by cross referencing the information below with a calendar and where you think you might be located on any of the given dates.

June 10th - Portland, OR @ Holocene*
June 12th - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern*
June 13th - San Jose, CA @ Nickel City Arcade*
June 14th - Los Angeles, CA @ Space 15 Twenty (Daytime show 1pm)*
June 14th - Los Angeles, CA @ BBQ at Art and Mayhem (Afternoon show 4 - 10 p.m.)*
June 15th - Los Angeles, CA @ Pehrspace*
June 16th - Irvine, CA @ Acrobatics Every Day*
June 17th - Phoenix, AZ @ Modified #
June 19th - Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar*
June 20th - Dallas, TX @ The Handsome Kitten*
June 21st - Houston, TX @ Mango's Cafe*
June 22nd - New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar*
June 23rd - Little Rock, AK @ Rad Hizzy*
June 24th - Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light*
June 25th - Asheville, NC @ Mo Daddy's*
June 26th - Atlanta, GA @ 529*
June 27th - Durham, NC @ The Pin Hook*
June 28th - Greenville, NC @ Spazz Haus*
June 29th - Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar*
June 30th - Baltimore, MD @ The Zodiac*
July 2nd - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio*

* with Adventure
# with Telepathe, Nite Jewel