Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is The Edge 103.9 Due For A Change? Part 2

Yesterday we mentioned that it appeared as if local radio station The Edge 103.9 could possibly be changing formats. Turns out we were right, but unfortunately not in the way we would have liked.

The Up on the Sun blog just broke the news that The Edge 103.9 is now under the control of Riveria Broadcasting's creditors and will be undergoing a format change.

What exactly is the change they are referring to? More music from the '90's. Not much of a change if you ask me.

I could go off on a nice, long rant here but there really isn't any point to it. There is always my trusty iPod to listen to during my commute to and from work.

Click here to read to rest of the story from Up on the Sun.

And if you find this news as annoying as I do please click here to find out how you can support Radio Phoenix. This news just goes to show how desperately this city is in need of a community run radio station that actually plays new and interesting music.