Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Mars Volta Octahedron Review 7.8 Beards

I didn't copy get my copy of Octahedron till I got back from a 2 week vacation yesterday so please excuse the "lateness" of this review. If you don't already have your copy then you probably are not a big fan of The Mars Volta so I guess this review is for you...and your dad (your mom LOVES them, trust me) I think the best way to approach this whole thing is with a list of reasons why you should get it, the internet loves lists for a reason OK!

1) You can play it in your car really loud at night and maybe a little high and wherever you are going when you get there you will end up staying in the parking lot till the end of the album.

2) The names of the songs are just bad ass! "Copernicus", "Cotopaxi" and "Luciforms" what the hell does any of that even mean?

3) Haircuts

4) Thomas Pridgen, the newish drummer is retarded good! He won the National Guitar Center "Drum Off" when he was 9 years old. (check out this vid) Even though he doesn't get as much time to shine as he did in their last album (his first with the band) you get a pretty good taste in "Cotopaxi".

5) It will give you the ability to shoot lasers our of your knees...I swear!

6) Not going to get much better album covers this side of the 70's right?

7) They made this awesome video for you: