Monday, July 27, 2009

mp3: Jemina Pearl feat. Iggy Pop - "I Hate People"

I was extremely disappointed to learn that Nashville garage rock group Be Your Own Pet broke up back in 2008 after only two albums. Fortunately, former BYOP lead singer Jemina Pearl didn't let the break up keep her from being busy. Pearl is releasing her debut solo album, Break It Up, on 10/6 on Universal/Ecstatic Peace. The albums first single, "I Hate People", is a great song and features one of my personal favorite musicians Iggy Pop. Take a listen:

Jemina Pearl ft. Iggy Pop -
"I Hate People"

You can also catch Jemina Pearl this fall when she heads out on tour with Islands. Both acts will play a show at The Rhythm Room on 10/25.

[via: pitchfork]