Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Music Tuesday: Bowerbirds, Tiny Vipers, Son Volt

There are quite a few new releases worth checking out this week. My favorite of the group has to be the latest album from the North Carolina duo Bowerbirds entitled Upper Air.

Also out today is Tiny Vipers' Life On Earth, Cass McCombs' Catacombs, and Rural Alberta Advantage's Hometowns. All three of which I highly recommend.

You can see a full list of albums we recommend down below but before we get to that I'd like to get something off of my chest.

The other day our humble little blog got called out because when we link to these albums we link to Amazon. We link to Amazon for a couple of reasons(mainly because we get money every time you buy something from Amazon) but that doesn't mean that we don't strongly encourage you to support your local record stores like Stinkweeds, Zia, Hoodlums, or wherever you go to buy new music.

So check out our list of recommended new releases this week and get your ass down to your local record store and buy something already. Oh, and tell 'em ElectricMustache.com sent you.

Bowerbirds: Upper Air

Discovery: LP

Cass McCombs: Catacombs

The New Pornographers: ELECTRIC VERSION

Rural Alberta Advantage: Hometowns

Son Volt: American Central Dust

Those Darlins: Those Darlins

Tiny Vipers: Life On Earth

We Were Promised Jetpacks: These Four Walls