Monday, July 20, 2009

Old Canes Sign to Saddle Creek Announce New Album

When I think of Saddle Creek Records I think of beards so the Old Canes should fit right in. It's also nice to have a whole completed album when you sign to a new record label that way you can take it easy for a few month and get to know each other. Maybe have a couple of beers whilst bowling. Just a suggestion...jeez. Oh yea, they do really have a new album out on Oct 20th called Feral Harmonic so it's good that is comes out right before Halloween because that title is kinda creeping me out.

Feral Harmonic out 10/20/09

1. Intro
2. Little Bird Courage
3. The Last Collapse
4. Trust
5. Next Flood
6. Sweet
7. Under
8. I Will Be The Sun
9. Stuck
10. Flower Faces
11. Black Hill Chapel
12. Southern Radio