Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alice in Chains New Album Artwork

This is not our usual fare but Alice in Chains is one of my favorite all time bands of all time but I am not super sold on carrying on without Lane Staley. That would be like Friends getting together for a reunion show with just Matt Leblanc, and I think we all remember what that was like but I am willing to give it a chance, in fact I think I am even excited for it... and hey, it has Elton John playing piano on it.

BLACK GIVES WAY TO BLUE pre-orders start on 8/18 via

1. "All Secrets Known"
2. "Check My Brain"
3. "Last Of My Kind"
4. "Your Decision"
5. "A Looking In View"
6. "When The Sun Rose Again"
7. "Acid Bubble"
8. "Lessons Learned"
9. "Take Her Out"
10. "Private Hell"
11. "Black Gives Way To Blue"