Monday, August 10, 2009

Capgun Coup Announce New Album

True story here, I had to go to Omaha once and I asked a around the airport where the best place to go for a steak would be and the two answers I got were "Texas Roadhouse" and "Outback". I bet those people have never heard of Capgum Coup either even though they are from the very town they live in. I bet they also don't know that they have a new album coming out on Nov 3rd called Maudin and I bet they also don't know we have the track listing below.

Capgun Coup
Maudin out Nov 3rd on Team Love Records

1. Computer Screens And TVs
2. Sitting On The Sidewalk
3. Ari Are We
4. Got Alot of Gull
5. Only The Times Are Changing
6. Fishlip
7. Wish I Was A Fag
8. Now That I'm Home
9. Farnam Street
10. Pretty City
11. Bad Bands
12. For Fish
13. When I'm Gone
14. Breaks No Heart Of Mine