Thursday, August 6, 2009

mp3: Brown Recluse "Contour and Context"

I live in Arizona and we are trained from childhood to be very afraid of the Brown Recluse spider because when it bites you the venom eats away your flesh following your bloodstream to your heart then kills you. I can only guess that the band Brown Recluse chose their name from the time some unsuspecting hiker stumbled upon their camp (above pic) and they killed and ate him or her. That is purely a wild and random guess based only on their creepy as hell picture but I have a pretty good track record when it comes to these kind of things...when I was a baby I threw up on Jeffrey Dahmer, or so my mom tells me.

Check out their song "Contour and Context" from their new EP called The Soft Skin (see, fucking creepy) that comes out on Sept 8th. Oh and if you happen to be in or around Princeton NJ tonight you can check them out at Whole Foods playing the WPRB show...whatever that means but I would stay away from their meat department for a couple days if you know what I mean ;-)

Brown Recluse -
"Contour and Context"

P.S. I don't REALLY think they eat people but they might.