Thursday, August 13, 2009

mp3: CHLL PLL "Dick Moves"

This song by CHLL PLL (fuck vowels) sounds like a robot had a baby with Kanye West and that baby grew up to be a huge fan of being a jerk and drums.

CHLL PLL has a recorded set of music songs coming out on Oct 20th called Aggressively Humble and here are the names of all the individual songs below the mp3 for "Dick Moves"

"Dick Moves"

Aggressively Humble:

1. Dick Moves
2. she Owns
3. Tales from the Crypt
4. Pass Out
5. Superzodiac
6. Hello Woman Hello Man
7. Now Then and When
8. Hold This Hand of Rowdy Light
9. Aggressively Humble

Thanks for the mp3 Prefix!