Thursday, September 24, 2009


What I am going to tell you is very very important... Vice Cooler (the man behind Hawnay Troof) is fucking insane. Not insane in a bad way though. More of an "evil genius" kind of way. Or on the other hand he might be completely sane and hell bend on creating music that can fuck with your senses so much YOU go insane. Either way I want to out drinking with him. The new album Daggers at the Moon is not the best album of the year but it has managed to combine the crazy ass electronic music styling of Dan Deacon with vocals that sound like a combination of Ween and Prince. The only problem I have with this album is that I am not really sure what to do whilst listening to it. I think I am going to try a few different activities and see what works best. I like lists so lets make one...after the break that is.

  • IF I worked out I think it might be really good for keeping you pumped on the treadmill..
  • Parties, now parties can kinda sometimes be kinds of tricky. You really have to cater to your audience when attempting to DJ a party. I think I might try playing this album around 11pm after everybody is pretty good and drunk and looking to dance for about 8 mins then chill out and smoke cigarettes on the patio. I don't think it would be a very good party opener, pretty sure it would freak sober people out.
  • Smoke a shit ton of weed then having my mother in law drive me around to look at model homes. But I will have it on my iPod so I cant hear anything but the music. I think that would be a pretty good time. 
  • Getting a pedicure.
  • Being in a KIA commercial.

If you can think of anything else please leave it in the comments.

Overall Hawnay Troof has put out a really solid album with some really jamming tracks, the stand outs for me are "Body Armageddon", "Sentiment" and the title track "Daggers at the Moon". Check out "And I" below and if you like it then you will probably like the rest of the album even though there are better tracks it still a good sampling of what you can expect.

Hawnay Troof -
"And I"


Anonymous said...

Haha, a KIA commercial. It would certainly be a memorable advert, that's for sure.

*Scenes of a car driving through a cityscape while Body Armageddon plays in the background*
"The all new KIA Mindfuck, coming to a rough-as-fuck club near you"

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