Thursday, September 17, 2009

Listen To Electric Mustache On BreakThru Radio

As we mentioned earlier this week the 'Stache was chosen as blog of the week by those awesome and sexy people over at BreakThru Radio.  In addition to them throwing up a few select posts from us on their blog they also interviewed us for their weekly Anatomy of a Blogger radio show hosted by DJ Mimi and allowed us to handpick the playlist.  Being that I hate the sound of my own recorded voice I suggest just skipping over the parts where we're talking and listen to the music.  There is a link to the show below and the songs we picked.   

Listen:  ElectricMustache on BreakThru Radio

1.  Taken By Trees - "Watch The Waves"
2.  Kurt Vile - "Overnight Religion"
3.  The Cave Singers - "At The Cut"
4.  Gang Gang Dance - "First Communion"
5.  The xx - "Shelter"
6.  Japandroids - "Rockers East Vancouver"
7.  Girls - "Hellhole Ratrace"
8.  Micachu & The Shapes - "Just In Case"


mimi said...

you never really get over hating the sound of your recorded voice. :)

Unknown said...

Even though I want to stab my ears out from listening to myself it's still pretty funny.

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