Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stream Taken By Trees New Album 'East of Eden'

As we quickly approach the end of 2009 we're already starting to look back at some of the great albums we've heard this year. But before we get into 'best of' mode just yet there are still a few releases that we are still looking forward to. One of those releases is the new album from Victoria Bergsman aka Taken By Trees. We posted the first mp3 from the new album, "Watch The Waves", a few weeks ago and the track has quickly become one of my favorite tunes of the year. You can hear the rest of this unique and wonderful album in full over at NPR. I'm only a few tracks into the album as I write this but I can already tell this one will be dominating my iTunes for the rest of the year.

Stream: East of Eden by Taken By Trees