Friday, October 2, 2009

Photos: The Dodos, Ruby Suns and Mini T's @ Modified 9/30/09

Dodos at Modified 9-30-09-8

I am a little late on this one everybody everybody, but better late than never right? Wednesday at Modified Arts was like nothing I have ever seen there. It was so goddamn packed people were practically sitting on top each whist sitting on the stage( I was taking pictures while straddling a guy shooting video on the stage ramp), since it sold out before I even got there at 8pm the amount of people left "entranceless" we relegated to peering in through the glass door on the side of the stage. There were more people watching from outside at this show than even show up to shows sometimes. I never thought I would see the day when Jeremiah from Stateside would be playing bouncer at the stage door to keep the gatecrashers out.

As for the performances themselves Miniature Tigers keep getting better and better every time I see them. The Ruby Suns sounded good despite the obvious technical problems they were having with their barrage of electronic equipment. The night belonged to The Dodos though. By the time they took the stage the excitement from being smashed into a hot smelly (yea the sewage smell is back...yea!!!) room with 300 of your closest friends had reached a fever pitch. And they didn't disappoint.

Check out some pictures after the break and they rest from that night on our Flickr page HERE

Miniature Tigers at Modified 9/30/09
Miniature Tigers at Modified 9/30/09
Miniature Tigers at Modified 9/30/09
Ruby Suns-1
Ruby Suns-10
Ruby Suns-6
Dodos at Modified 9-30-09-18
Dodos at Modified 9-30-09-9
Dodos at Modified 9-30-09-14