Monday, October 5, 2009

WIN TIX to Deer Tick Tomorrow @ The Rhythm Room

I know that the economy is pretty shitty right now and that you might not have the extra cash chillin in your pockets for awesome band performances on a Tuesday night so we have made arrangements for two pairs of tickets (name on guest list actually) for Deer Tick at The Rhythm Room tomorrow Tuesday, Oct 5th 2009 (In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ). This will allow you to go SEE and HEAR them play songs off their fabulous new album Born on Flag Day AND have a few dollars left over for $1.50 PBRs.

The first two people to contact us in ANYWAY AT ALL will be the lucky winners. You can leave a comment, send us and email, tweet us, myspace us, leave a comment on our shitty facebook page...whatever method makes you feel more comfortable.

This show is happening in PHOENIX  ARIZONA... TOMORROW, so please make sure you can make it before attempting to ready...set....GO!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little sample of what you can expect if you are unfamiliar with Deer Tick: