Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Contest: Win a Drifter DVD Prize Pack from Filter

No so much music related as much as it is just awesome. I would kill (kinda against the spirit of the whole thing) to be able to be this dude Rob Machado. He just takes off for Indonesia without telling anybody (except a whole production crew apparently) and surfs around etc... Well they made a movie about it called Drifter and it comes out on Dec 8th and we have a special little prize package for whomever (US Residents only Please) can tell us the best reason in 50 words or less why abandoning your current life and disappearing (sans film crew) for a year or so would be awesome. What would you do, where would you go?

If we pick yours you get this stuff:

A Drifter inspired T-shirt
A bar of Rob Machado's special organic blend of Surf Wax
A copy of the DVD
and the latest issue of FILTER, with a Drifter feature

Send your story HERE

Oh and they did pick some awesome music to go into the movie (not sure if there is going to be a separate soundtrack or anything)

Jon Swift
Rob Machado
Stardeath & White Dwarfs
The Black Keys
By The Fireside
The Raconteurs
Iron & Wine
Tegan & Sara
Jon and Roy
The Len Brown Society
Dr. Dog
Brett Dennen
Bon Iver
Jose Gonzalez
The Shins