Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Music Tuesday: The King Khan &BBQ Show, Julian Casablancas, Little Dragon and Morissey

Today is a fair to moderate day of new releases. The standout for me is The King Khan & BBQ Show (who are coming to Phoenix in a couple of weeks). I have only heard a couple of songs of the The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas' new and first solo effort but I dig them in a 80's nostalgic sort of way. The Nirvana live album with be good I am sure but just as good as any other Nirvana live album so unless you are a weird completest or something just listen to the Muddy Banks album you (or your dad) already bought back in 1996. And if you are a real glutton for punishment and want to know what is sounds like when your former heroes disappoint you beyond forgiveness check out Weezer's new collection of ridiculousness Raditude!

Invisible Girl by The King Khan & BBQ Show
Live at Reading [CD/DVD] by Nirvana
Phrazes For The Young by Julian Casablancas
Swords by Morrissey
Islands by The Mary Onettes
Molina And Johnson by Molina And Johnson
Underslept by Systems Officer
Girls in Trouble by Girls in Trouble
Extended Vacation by On Fillmore
People Are Soft by The Swimmers
You Are The One I Pick by Felix
Cut Me Down and Count My Rings by Half-Handed Cloud