Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We have some merch for sale

Cafepress shirt

If you are into wearing t-shirts from REALLY obscure shit, then boy do we have just the thing for you. NOBODY will have any idea what “a electric mustache” is at all! Think of all the people that will come up to you and as “What’s an electric mustache ?”! Just think of the possibilities. We have “partnered” with cafepress and they are kinda expensive but the above shirt can be had for the low low price of $11.19 HERE! There are a bunch of other styles on our cafepress site HERE. We HOPE that people might actually buy some of these and if so we will look to having our stuff made locally etc… Now get to buying!


Mike said...

We have officially sold out.

Unknown said...

No bro...they actually make them there so we don't have any inventory to "sell out" of...even though that would be cool to sell out of everything!...oh wait, you are trying to be negative...cool story bro!

Kevin said...

Imagine the look on my wife's face on Christmas morning when she gets one of these.

Unknown said...

I thought you liked your wife? Why would you do something so mean?

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