Monday, December 21, 2009

mp3: Adam Green "What Makes Him Act So Bad"

Former Moldy Peach Adam Green has another solo album coming out on February 16 called Minor Love (track listing after the break) that just had a single born on the internet called "What Makes Him Act So Bad," and it's pretty darn uplifiting and catchy for a December when things are super depressing and stupid and I want to punch people in the face n' stuff, but not now since I have been uplifted.

Adam Green - "What Makes Him Act So Bad"

1. Breaking Locks
2. Give Them A Token
3. Buddy Bradley
4. Goblin
5. Bathing Birds
6. What Makes Him Act So Bad
7. Stadium Soul
8. Cigarette Burns Forever
9. Boss Inside
10. Castles and Tassels
11. Oh Shucks
12. Don’t Call Me Uncle
13. Lockout
14. You Blacken My Stay


Anonymous said...

Can he sound any more like Lou Reed?

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