Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photos: Jimmy Eat World & Reubens Accomplice @ Modified Arts 12/9/09

Jimmy Eat World @ Modified Arts 12-9-09 (7 of 25)

I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of Jimmy Eat World but when I found out that they were the "secret guest" at a show I was already going to I thought it was going to be pretty cool to see a pretty huge band in such an intimate setting. And as it turns out it was VERY cool indeed. Even though I have never owned or even listened to a Jimmy Eat World album I found myself singing along to pretty much every song they played. I unfortunately missed both Source Victoria and El Oso Negro because I was still drunk from my work Christmas party so that sucked.

After reading the Kelly Wilson's review of the show on the New Times I think that part about The Format reunion "rumor" was targeted at what Mike posted yesterday. So I wanted to explain why I thought this might be a possibility.

1) Ian Stupar was the tour manager for The Format
2) Nate is listed as a member of El Oso Negro on their MySpace Page
3) On the poster it says "(El Oso Negro) performing together with special guests for a one time only performance"
4) Even though Nate moved to NYC and started fun. it's within the realm of possibility that he may be back here for the holidays since fun.'s next tour doesn't start until February.
5) You also have to know that I was told the night before that there was going to be "something BIG" and to plan on being at Modified, this was all just speculation I was basing on the previous clues of who it might be, that Mike decided to post for the whole world even AFTER the Jimmy Eat World tweet that pretty much made my Format idea retarded... so it's his fault ;-)

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Reubens Accomplice
Reubens Accomplice @ Modified Arts 12-9-09 (12 of 12)Reubens Accomplice @ Modified Arts 12-9-09 (10 of 12)

Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World @ Modified Arts 12-9-09 (4 of 25)Jimmy Eat World @ Modified Arts 12-9-09 (12 of 25)Jimmy Eat World @ Modified Arts 12-9-09 (22 of 25)Jimmy Eat World @ Modified Arts 12-9-09 (23 of 25)


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