Monday, December 14, 2009

Tonight In Phoenix: Rural Alberta Advantage,Destroy Nate Allen, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Do It Up Initiative, Gilmore Grrrls

So tonight is appears that the Trunk Space is the place to be if you want to see a crazy ass show. I just discovered all the bands that are playing tonight (except for Andrew Jackson Jihad) and listened to all of them on their respective myspace pages and I wasn't planing on going down there but I just might have to now.

Destroy Nate Allen
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Do It Up Initiative
Gilmore Grrrls 

Holy Crap I forgot about Rural Alberta Advantage at The Rhythm Room tonight!!! Shit... that is also going to be bad ass. DAMMIT I HATE HOW SHIT IS ALWAYS ON THE SAME NIGHT!!!!!!! Are there only 5 tour vans in the whole country or something and they all have to the same cities together?  I guess now I am just going to stay home and gently rock back and forth on the floor as I silently very loudly weep... You know, because I am saddened by the fact I can't make choices.