Saturday, January 23, 2010

A.A. Bondy Live @ The Rhythm Room [ElectricMustache Live]

A.A. Bondy @ The Rhythm Room 1-13-2010 (18 of 21)

We here at the internet website are striving to bring our dear readers and twitter followers more interesting and exclusive content in 2k10 and since nobody is actually sending any exclusive content to anywhere but PitchFork we have to make it ourselves in cooperation with talented musicians like A.A. Bondy who cordially allowed us to film/tape his performance at The Rhythm Room last week. Our newest employee Seth Coleman of Fast Goat Productions is the (very tall) man behind the camera and also the person who edits all the footage together via Final Cut Pro on his MacBook Pro (he is a PRO!)

While you are watching these short music films you might think to yourself "Hey, these are kinda dark and hard to see kinda". I can reply to your internal monologue with this... It was kinda dark at The Rhythm Room, and we didn't think it would be very chill to shine a bright ass light into Mr. Bondy's face the whole time thus ruing the "whole thing" for everybody. And plus it's looks so much like it was when we were really there it's like really being there. Please enjoy them responsibly... after the break.


Anonymous said...

Was at the show (my first at RR) and saw the "tall guy" walking around with a camera. Glad you didn't shine the light everywhere, and kept the night's tone intact. I'm new to Electric Mustache but am very glad to see the PNX indie scene is alive and kicking.

Best part of the night (aside from the music of course): some dude tripping over the "21+" barrier and A.A. stating, "Oh shit. Looks like a dolphin caught in a tuna net.".

Will probably be at the Bowerbirds show and possibly Brendan Benson.

Keep the material coming, EM!

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