Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keep Your Eyes On The Lil Daggers

Here at the 'stache we get a lot of stuff emailed/mailed to us, most of the time it is total garbage city/crap town but every once in a blue moon we get something totally bad ass. If you don't know where I am going with this already I am trying to tell you we got some tracks from Lil Daggers, a band out of Miami Florida that in the span of a few short hours have become very fond of. So fond in fact that I am making it one of my personal goals to turn them into a buzzband in 2010. I am not really sure how to go about doing that so if you could retweet this and digg/reddit it (you can do that below the post yo) I am sure it would go a long way. You should obviously listen/download the tracks below first to make sure you are "on board" with this whole thing but I think you will be.

Lil Daggers -
"King Korpze"

Lil Daggers -
"Ya Tu Sabe"

Lil Daggers -

Lil Daggers -
"Devil You Know"


Mark Schoneveld said...

Dig these guys! Thanks for the MP3s.

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