Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lefse Records Starts New Label Called Waaga... Free Comp CD For You

Hey everybody!!! Lefse Records started a new label called Waaga Records and in a cleverly deceptive move to promote themselves they are giving away a free compilation CD of some of their "artists and friends". We posted the track from FUR yesterday, and FUR will ALSO be the first release from the new label on Feb 23rd. Click HERE to download the zipped file and leave some comments letting us know if you like it or something. Or just leave us come comments letting us know you are there are alive. We are really worried about you.

2. "Golden Things" – Treasure
3. "Black Castles" – FUR (ft. Alan Palomo of Neon Indian)
4. "Deal With It" – Florene
5. "Trails" – White Mountains
6. "Stones and Crowds" – Emily Neveu
7. "Cocaine Blues" – Ennui
8. "Yellowtree" – Abacus
9. "Let Wells" – Sunnybrook
10. "Untitled" – Power Animal
11. "The Cliffs" – Melting Season
12. "Tell Her" – Boddicker
13. "It Wont Be Long" – Soft Cat
14. "Shutterbugs" – Motherly
15. "Nightcycles" – Seams