Thursday, January 7, 2010

mp3: Justin Vernon(Bon Iver) - "Hazelton"

I consider myself a pretty big Justin Vernon/Bon Iver fan but this was something that I was completely unaware of until now.  Music blog Pretty Much Amazing posted an mp3 from Justin Vernon which comes from a very limited EP that he put out back in '06 before he became Bon Iver.  According to PMA, Vernon recorded the EP Hazelton and only made 100 copies which he sold at a local record store.  I would definitely love to get my hand on a copy of that EP.  The song, which you can listen to below, is amazing and just goes to further show what an amazing songwriter Justin Vernon is.

Justin Vernon -

If you're like me and love you some Bon Iver one item worth checking out is project that Justin Vernon recently did with the Eau Claire Memorial Jazz Band. As everyone pretty much knows by now, Vernon is from Wisconsin and was once a member of the Eau Claire Memorial Jazz Band. When he found out that they were struggling for some cash he did a benefit concert where he played some Bon Iver songs along with some classic Duke Ellington songs. A Decade With Duke is a unique mix but definitely worth a listen for Bon Iver fans.