Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Vice Guide To Liberia

Okay, so this is in no way music related at all but I really wanted to share with you guys something that has continued to blow my mind for the past three days.

In terms of places I'd like to visit one day I would put the African country of Liberia waaayyyy down on the list.  In fact, after knowing what I know now I would probably pay good money to make sure I never go there.  I have to admit that before Tuesday I was pretty ignorant about the history and current situation of Liberia, but all of that was about to change thanks to Vice Magazine.  Vice, who has a sister site called which produces original video content on the regular, recently traveled to Liberia as part of their travel series to shed some light on Liberia's situation.  And what a situation it is.  So far Vice has only posted 3 episodes of its 8 part series on Liberia online but already I've seen things that I wish I could forget. 

In roughly about 15 minutes of video they've already shown rampant poverty, unimaginable living conditions, corrupt police, child junkies, cannibalism and government that just doesn't really seem to give a shit.  Did I mention that there are still 5 more episodes to go?

I embeded a preview of the series above and you can catch the first three episodes posted online here.  The whole thing is absolutely incredible and is definitely worth watching.