Friday, January 15, 2010

Video: The Very Best "Warm Heart Of Africa" f. Ezra Koenig

Why does it take so long for videos to come out for songs that have already been out for so long? I remember back in the day when the video for a song would come out BEFORE the song was or album was even available to purchase in a store. That would get you super excited for the single that would come out a couple weeks before the album THEN the album would come out and you would go in your car or bike to the store and buy it with money. GODDAMN that was a huge pain in the ass back then. But in all seriousness you should make your video at least in the same decade (even though it's not really a new decade) as when the song started playing on the internet.

The Very Best's Warm Heart of Africa is out now (since Oct 2009 even)