Saturday, January 16, 2010

Videos: Matt Harris [Electric Mustache Live]

So we have been kicking around the idea of starting a "live sessions" feature for awhile now but I didn't have the time, know how OR the motivation to learn how to edit video. So I have been just throwing up crappy flip cam videos of shows. But that was not fulfilling my desires enough so I finally talked my friend Seth Coleman into helping me. The next step was finding someone willing to be patient with us on our first try and who better than my BFF Matt Harris, the 3rd Best Guitarist in Phoenix? Nobody, that's who. We went to his house, set everything up and gave it a whirl. Matt did a great job on 3 of his own songs as well as cover of David Bowie's "China Girl" that he had never played before but I talked him into.

We have plans to do a lot more of these sessions with local bands we love as well as touring bands passing through town. For now we are calling the whole thing "At Someones House" but I am not entirely sure that is going to stick. What if we have to do it in a truck stop men's room or something it will just sound embarrassing right? Well enough of my ramblings... I present to you At Someones House with Matt Harris!