Friday, February 12, 2010

mp3: Pattern Is Movement - "Light of the World"

The last time I saw Pattern Is Movement was last year when they opened up for St. Vincent.  I came for the St. Vincent but left with new found appreciation for Pattern Is Movement.  The band easily won me over with the best cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" I've ever heard.

Pattern is Movement is currently working on a new album and is going on tour with Via Audio this month.  Sadly, no Phoenix date is announced yet.  But if you're lucky enough to have Pattern Is Movement visit your town you can pick up a tour exclusive EP which features the song "Light of the World."  Listen to song down below and let us know what you think.

Speaking of St. Vincent, she just so happened to be in town last night and according to some jackass at The Phoenix New Times blog Up on the Sun she played a great show.  Sounds like he's talking out his ass to me.

Pattern Is Movement -
"Light of the World"