Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tonight In Phoenix: Silian Rail w/ Whisperlights, Porches & Soft Drink

Soft Drink at the now drastically different Modified Arts on 11/13/09

Tonight if you are not doing something stupid you should get your bodies down to The Trunk Space and watch Soft Drink. You should also watch the other bands but I have only seen Soft Drink live and I don't want endorse the live performances of bands I have not seen. On the other hand there is really no reason for a band as good as Soft Drink to play with shitty bands and I HAVE heard recording of these other bands Silian Rail Whisperlights and Porches and I like the sound of them. So you know what? I am going to just go ahead and say you should go watch ALL of the bands at The Trunk Space tonight. I am pretty sure you get to see them all for ticket so you might as well right?